Watch The 2020 Event

Watch the video archive of our 2020 event, with speeches centered around the theme of "This is Me."

Ending Injustice: The Public Defender Crisis

By Aidan Arnold-Galati

Space Exploration for the Survival of the Human Race

By Victoria Cava

How to Succeed? Learn to fail!

By Maria Charles

The "Key" to Great Artistry

By Justin Firmeza

Living Between Two Worlds

By Angelica Graybeal

The Implausible Ideal of Asian Beauty

By Clarissa Guevarra

Progressive Times Calls For Powerful Women

By Anya Khatri

If everyone talks about diversity, why do I feel left out?

By Neha Mandhani and Ruchi Kamboj

Closing the Gap Between the LGBTQ+ Community and the Catholic Church

By Vincent Mascarenas

Complex Contradiction

By Adan Nevel

Silenced Ones

By Alex Nguyen

The pieces to a depressed and broken teenager

By Aaron Ugalde

Why Mental Health Deserves More Than a Week

By Fiana Yeh

Don't Stand By, Stand Up!

By Audrey Kibanoff