Watch The 2018 Event

Watch the video archive of our 2018 event, with speeches centered around the theme of "Providence and Promise."

Breaking the Taboo

By Sofia Herrera-Padilla & Sarang Raj

The Campaign for Happiness

By Nyan Scott

Conformity and Perceptions Based on Bias

By Araceli Berry

Honest Communication in a Digital Age

By Sravya Balasa

Equity through Virtual Reality

By Ben Bega

Being Comfortable being Uncomfortable

By Shane Knight

Reimagining Education for the Next Generation

By Onijai Sellers

Change for the Better

By Amanda Aguilar

How Barbara Lee Helped me Utilize my Voice

By Damoni Nears

Finding Your Voice in an Era of Division

By Ben Jacinto

The Right You Didn't Know You Have

By Tyler Piedad

Just One in 11 Million Dreams

By Arnoldo Valdivieso

Closing the Gap: Technology Access for Everyone

By Daniel Lara

My Transformational Journey

By Del Seymor

Music Empowers Change

By Lucas Zamora